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Grassroot Marketing Programs

  • Mike oversaw the development of Good Stuff from a DJ/Karaoke company to a full-service promotional marketing company with revenue up to $8 million dollars.

  • Good Stuff was a promotional one-stop, servicing brand directly or through their agency, to create, staff, and/or manage promotional assets for brand initiatives in US and Canada

  • Good Stuff trained, mentored, and managed 175 employees across 8 regional US offices, executing over 5,000 events.

  • Developed and executed the plans for all of the promotional activity on Wall Street for the Pepsi and Dunkin Donuts IPO’s

  • Created and executed plans for Pepsi’s promotional activity around Boston & Atlanta MLB All-Star Games which resulted in nationally televised exposure.

  • Created & executed original, award-winning marketing programs for national brands and their distribution networks (Dunkin Donuts & Mountain Dew).

  • Created Dunkin Donuts Winnebago Sampling Vehicle program (New England, New York, and Philadelphia) to raise awareness, drive sales, and extend community outreach for franchisees.

  • Planned and executed multiple marketing campaigns and promotional events for many major brands including: Dunkin Donuts – Boston, New York & Philadelphia & Canada, Pepsi – N.E Region & National, Pepsi Challenge, Mountain Dew Hummer Program, Code Red, & Vertical Challenge - US East Coast, US West Coast & Canada. M&M Mars Snickers Soccer-fest, & Exxon Ski Program, NASCAR Sponsorship Combo Brand. Anheuser-Busch Doc Otis Brand Launch in Boston as well as N.E. Ski Area Activation for AB Distributors in Region 1. Various other programs for specific demographics were created for Slim Jim, Motorola, Schwan Food Company, Dalton Enterprises, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, ATT, Hard Rock Café, TNN, Adidas,Pizza Hut, Papa Gino's and Polaroid. Media Companies - Boston Globe, KISS 108 FM Boston, Polygram Records & Rounder Records.

Good Stuff Mission Statement
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