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Coolatta Bears

Good Stuff 1976 Created the Point of Purchase signage  for the Promotion

In 2000, Dunkin Donuts was looking for a way to promote their Coolatta Drinks and celebrate their 50th Anniversary, so Mike Kelly created a whole new world and some fun collectibles to do just that. Good Stuff handled the whole Coolatta Bear project from making the Coolatta Bears and the corresponding promotional POS for the participating stores! We also created a Coolatta Bear website where parents could read the story of Young Dunkin (see Below) and download a page for their children to color and enter a contest to win a Giant Coolatta Bear (1 per store). There were other promo items created (beach towels) and others that were pitched (special Munchkin Coolatta Bear Hut, place mat, coloring book). The program was a great success - thanks to the great talent at Good Stuff & Dunkin Donuts! Dunkin Donuts sold over 1 million Coolatta Bears and lots of Coolatta Drinks in the Northeast

Good Stuff 1976 Created a Coolatta Bear for each favor available at Dunkin
Good Stuff 1976 Created a coloring book with the story of Young Dunkin and the discovery of the Coolatta Bears Island
Good Stuff created a beach scene on the island of the Coolatta Bears
Good Stuff 1976 created a website coloring contest for kids

Coolatta Bears Soccer

Idea was to have a the Coolatta Bears promote soccer & a health happy meal for kids - Juice or milk and choice of bagel, muffin or donuts treat. Each franchisee could support a soccer team in their territory with promo support from national fund and/or local ad committee. Coolatta Bears would be mascots for soccer teams and a healthy life style.

Idea was to have a site where consumers could join their favorite Dunkin location(s) where they frequent, so they could get specific community information and location specific deals sent to them.

Dee Ann Dee's News Reports

Idea was to create a character (spokesperson) who's job it was to introduce all promotional offers and sponsorship's in each region.

Good Stuff 1976 created the Coolatta Bear Soccer Team
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