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I’m 99% Sure…

Sometimes we are convinced that we know certain facts with unwavering certainty, as certain as death and taxes.

Sometimes there’s an inkling of doubt, and we are not so sure. How many times have you heard these certainties: 

… Pittsburgh will definitely beat Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos

… They’re just video games.

… There is always snow on the ground in Southern New Hampshire in January.

… I never get in accidents.

… A book is a book, a phone is a phone, a TV is TV and a computer is a computer.

… Why would anyone text when they could talk?

… I’m always lucky.

… Allocated money has to go here or my business won’t grow.

… I know why my customers come here and why other people don’t.

… I understand my business.

… Guys would never do that.

… I know where to invest my money to grow my business – I’ve been doing it for years; it’s what I do.

… Gas will never go over $3 a gallon.

… I don’t need any fancy new software or that social media stuff to run my business.

… My employees would never use that technology – they’re too old.

… You can’t get a measurable ROI from social or promotional activity.

Now it’s your turn. Please add to the list in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!

Now about that playoff game: Patriots / Denver…

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